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Why does lower back pain come and go?  


Anne Jose
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21/11/2020 2:19 am  

Why does lower back pain come and go?

RST Admin
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21/11/2020 2:43 am  

Back pain comes and goes because we don't understand the nature of why pain exists in the first place. Structural pain is about shortening tissue. Shorten it and it's tense. Later it stays as in tension, discomfort, and finally pain. The tissue that creates this discomfort is about connective tissue or fascia.

Muscles are completely surrounded by layers and layers of this plastic elastic stuff. It's right down to the individual muscle fiber. Think of this wrapping as filled with blue tooth sensors and it is designed to bitch when the wrapper is out of place and squeezing the muscle wrong. So the bitching happens when a you do something stupid or when the tissue has been shortened too much too long. Such as sitting as your desk all day or laying back in a lazy boy.

This connective tissue is too tight and/or wrapped and the muscles only recourse is to butch to try to get YOU to do something right, like walk regularly. We are designed to walk. It is the very thing we are designed to do and do it regularly. Walking rebalances you systems.

When you have irregular but consistent back pain. It's because you do something and because you don't understand your own body’s functional needs you just go out and ding it up again. Think of it not as oh my damn back is acting up again, think of it as what is it trying to tell me? Not, my damn back again! It's telling you information you NEED.  

Or being able to walk down the street. It means you decided to listen to some other voice i.e. a doctor rather than your own back, WHICH by the way has NO hidden agenda.  

There are only two places I know of that can get you out of back pain inside of 2 minutes. Yourself and a Rossiter coach because they understand WHY you are in back pain and have a solution that is immediate. So figure it out or find a Rossiter coach.

You can absolutely depend on your pain returning a year later, after the back surgery. Like clockwork. This time it will stay!