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What could cause chronic lower back pain and a fluttering sensation in the pelvis?  


Anne Jose
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21/11/2020 1:59 am  

What could cause chronic lower back pain and a fluttering sensation in the pelvis?

RST Admin
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21/11/2020 3:13 am  

Sitting too much is one thing, especially with poor posture. TV posture. Lazy boy posture. It torques your body in long extended slow ways. And that’s also why it lasts. You put in slowly, so it’s coming out slowly. Hence long term back pain, without knowing why. You kick back on your sacrum, and it wasn’t designed to be “sort of layed on”. Sit, stand or lay. This is basic resting.

While standing, stand 50/50 on your legs, never just on one leg, like 60/40, 70/30. You create a dominant side. By creating a dominant side you create a weaker side. Where these two sides meet, is in the center of the low back and they automatically torque each other, so the muscles are always firing, they’re tired and overworked. And you keep doing this day in and day out. Please, don’t wonder.

Let’s talk about walking. You don’t know how to. So here’s your one and only lesson. First, go find some grass. The kind you walk in. Now go for a walk in the grass. So first, quit looking down or at this. Feel how you lift your legs differently. This is how you were designed to walk. Now, when you step back onto the sidewalk, KEEP YOUR GRASS WALK. If you keep your grass walk, your back pain will soon feel much better.

We were not designed to walk on flat. WE invented flat. Flat is NEW! Compared to how long we’ve been around, it’s been a catnap since we invented flat, shiny, slick, smooth surfaces. And we walk by leading with our toes. We meander, we saunter, we mosey, ALL equal back pain. Which equals back massive pain on cement. Count on it!

Pick your feet up and lead with your knees… the way you were designed.