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What can I do to prevent excessive back pain at work?  


Anne Jose
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21/11/2020 2:04 am  

What can I do to prevent excessive back pain at work?

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RST Admin
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21/11/2020 3:10 am  

The biggest thing you can do is take inventory of what it is you do. Do you move around a lot. Lift things, swing your body one way only, stand on one leg more than the other. ALL those things matter. If you sit all day, that matters. That’s huge! Movement at work is very important especially if you sit all day. There are desks that raise and lower. Get one. You need to look after yourself.

Walking always balances your body. If you can go walk, and by walking I don’t mean sauntering, or slow cruising around the office. Your walk needs to be crisp, determined, like you need to go somewhere. That’s what we are designed to do, literally. Also, don’t hang on one leg. A lot of people when they stand for a while, tend to hangout to one side or the other. this creates a dominant leg, which means the other one is the one that will be hurting. Big Muscle, little muscle, who wins? When? If you said big and always, then you are right and what happens is the other side starts to complain, hence back pain, in the middle but usually to one side a bit. This is the weaker side. It only has to be 1/4 inch off to one side to establish that you were standing to one side too much. We are designed to stand equally. If we don’t, count on back pain.