Building on Levels 1-3, this exciting course introduces you to some two-footed techniques!

Precision skill is emphasized-gaining you more confidence and better results with your clients in less time. It ALL comes together!

Learn the most effective techniques for carpal tunnel syndrome, extreme help for hips, mid back relief, tricep help, power floor traps, and MUCH more!

There will be a practical in class exam at the end of the course, and an open book online exam for a fee.
Email for the exam link provided upon class completion.

With successful completion of the exams, you will earn your Certified Rossiter Practitioner status.

Prerequisites: Level 1-3
Course Hours – 16 hrs.
Manual: Included
Materials: All materials are provided for use during this training.
Whats NOT included in Course fees: Wooden stands, Mats, Chairs, Pads, or Gripper. Details for what to buy will be in class!
What to Bring: clean socks, a notebook and pen, water, and snacks.
What to Wear: Wear loose comfortable clothing in layers if you run hot/cold
Covid Procedures: Updated to the current regulations required by the local government at the time of class and location
Location: May change based on Class Size. However, class will be held in Aurora/Denver Metro area.

This class is being taught by Mocha-Mystique, PainSlayer. Only 5 People have achieved this certification worldwide.