Welcome to The Rossiter Stretching Level 4 – More Specific, More Precise.

Rossiter Stretching Level 4 concentrates on precision – allowing you to Coach Rossiter workouts safely, quickly, and efficiently. This last of the four Levels teaches advanced, specific, and precise Rossiter Stretching Techniques.

Each successive Level of The Rossiter Stretching has been designed to get you farther into the Rossiter System of connective tissue work, and deeper into the body.

Level 4 continues to build on previous courses with new techniques. Precision is emphasized, so you can get better results with your clients in less time.

There will be a practical exam at the end of the course, and an optional written Certification exam for you to take online for a small fee. With successful completion of the practical and the online exam, you will earn your Certified Rossiter Coach status.

Course Objectives:

1. Review the importance of the lock to fully engage connective tissue and maximize fascial release with Rossiter stretches. The various locks will be reviewed including upper body, lower body, face up, face down, standing and Applied Weight Lock.

2. Practice 28 new, more powerful and specific Rossiter Stretching techniques, including double-footed Rossiter Stretching Techniques.

3. Practice the new & previous techniques to develop proficiency and speed.

4. Demonstrate mastery of techniques from Level 1-4 with a 70% proficiency on both written and practical exams.

5. Demonstrate appropriate body mechanics, use of tools, and client management.

6. Refine an effective client-specific program based on observation, open-ended questions and client medical history and fitness level.


Levels 1, 2 & 3
Course Hours – 16 hrs.
Manual: Included
Materials: All materials are provided for use during this training. Please bring your stands, if possible.
What’s NOT included in course fees: the minimal equipment you’ll need in your practice. The techniques learned in this class require an additional set of 2 small and 1 large stand. Stands are available for purchase in class.

What to bring: clean socks, a notebook and pen, water, and snacks.
What to Wear: Wear loose comfortable clothing in layers if you run hot/cold

Covid Procedures: Covid risk survey and temperature reading required prior to class entry. Masks required at all times. Social distancing observed during lecture periods. Practice stations for pairs appropriately distanced. Updated to the current regulations required by the local government at the time of class and location.

Location: Class will be held in North Seattle/Lynnwood Metro area. Specific location subject to change.

Your Rossiter Stretching Class Instructor is Valerie Lescantz LMT, Advanced Rossiter Stretching Coach and Instructor. Ms. Lescantz has studied Rossiter Stretching extensively – learning directly from Richard Rossiter, Creator of the Rossiter Stretching modality.

Looking into the Future:

Is Instructor Training for you?

By now you’re probably convinced that Rossiter Stretching is the most effective tool you’ve ever used on pain and immobility and want everyone to benefit from these techniques.

If you’re ready to extend the Rossiter Stretching universe further into your community, email us at We’d love to have you join us!