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Level 2 This is where the Fun begins! This class exposes you to the system and helps you to integrate deeper into the practice

Classes with me are fun, exciting. Get ready for an energetic environment BOOM!

I provide skilled and knowledge based environment that is designed to bring the best out of you! Why does this matter? This will provide better results for your clients.

In Level 2 You will take the basics and learn to work on clients who have had shots and surgeries.

You will increase your skills and knowledge to address the most common issues from head to toe! – check out the website for more detailed information

👉Prerequisites: Level 1
👉 CECS available?: YES and approved by 💥💥💥 NDBMT, NCBTMB, NASM, CMA, AFAA, FHT, & National Pilates Certification
👉Course Hours – 16 hrs. 9-6 Each Day
👉Manual: Included
👉Materials: All materials are provided for use during this training.
😉What’s NOT included in Course fees: Stands, Pads, Poles, Pole Tips or Gripper

👉👉👉👉👉Stands, Pads, Pole Tips & Gripper. – If in stock, these will be available for purchase in class!

*****Details for class specifics will be sent with a Completed/Paid registration, 1 week prior to class

This class is being taught by Mocha-Mystique, PainSlayer. Only 5 People have achieved this certification worldwide 👏

I love what I do and I am good at it. 🎉👏

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