💥💥Approved CEC Provider -NCBTMB, NASM and AFAA 💥💥💥NDBMT-Approved CE Course

This course represents Rossiter Stretching Level 2, second of four Levels that teach you enhanced and much more powerful Head to Toe techniques adding onto the foundations of Rossiter Stretching.

What’s the Buzz about Level 2?

🔥Add more dimension to techniques learned in Level One to include new side lying techniques.

🔥Work with clients that have had back surgeries and shots, and how to undo techniques that cause a client more pain.

🔥Gain deeper insight of how observing a client’s movements and statements are critical for knowing where to go next, and when to stop the session

🔥Learn to integrate the change in the fascia from techniques with walking

🔥Quicker sessions will happen by integrating effective patterning of techniques that are tailored to individual client needs.

👉Prerequisites: Level 1
👉Course Hours – 16 hrs. 9-6 Each Day
👉Manual: Included
👉Materials: All materials are provided for use during this training.
😉What’s NOT included in Course fees: Wooden stands, Mats, Chairs, Pads, or Gripper.

*****Details for what to buy will be in class. Stands and Pole tips will be available for purchase

What to Bring: clean socks, a notebook and pen, water, and snacks. 🍎
What to Wear: Wear loose comfortable clothing in layers if you run hot/cold 🥵🥶

This class is being taught by Mocha-Mystique, PainSlayer. Only 5 People have achieved this certification worldwide. 🎉👏