LEVEL 2 🎉🎉

This course will teach you enhanced and much more powerful “Head to Toe techniques”, adding onto the foundations of Rossiter Stretching.

What’s the Buzz about Level 2??

🔥Add more dimension to techniques learned in Level One to include new side lying techniques.

🔥Work with clients that have had back surgeries and shots, and how to undo techniques that cause a client more pain.

🔥Gain deeper insight of how observing a client’s movements and statements are critical for knowing where to go next, and when to stop the session

🔥Learn to integrate the change in the fascia from techniques with walking

🔥Quicker sessions will happen by integrating effective patterning of techniques that are tailored to individual client needs.

👉Prerequisites: Level 1
👉CE & Course Hours – 16 hrs. 9-6 Each Day (Saturday/Sunday)
👉Manual: Included
👉Materials: All materials are provided for use during this training.

😉What’s NOT included in Course fees: Stands, Pads, Poles, Pole Tips or Gripper

👉👉👉👉👉Stands, Pads, Pole Tips & Gripper. – If in stock, these will be available for purchase in class!

*****Details for class specifics will be sent with a Completed/Paid registration, 1 week prior to class

What to Bring: clean socks, a notebook and pen, water, and snacks. 🍎
What to Wear: Wear loose comfortable clothing in layers if you run hot/cold 🥵🥶

This class is being taught by Mocha-Mystique, PainSlayer. Only 5 People have achieved this certification worldwide. 🎉👏

💥💥💥Don’t Wait! Class Registration will close on January 5th, to prepare for instructor travel and materials on hand.
There is a class maximum to provide a well rounded teaching environment. 💥If the class does not meet a minimum it will be rescheduled.