Building on Level 1, Level 2 teaches approximately 25 new Rossiter System techniques for even more head-to-toe pain relief, with special emphasis on learning how to work with people who have had back surgery and injections, safely and effectively.

Gain confidence, precision, and a deeper understanding of the Rossiter System with the knowledge you will gain from this class.

Prerequisites: Level 1

All materials are provided for use during this training. Stands are available at this course by reservation through Joyce. You may also purchase prior to the event through Rossiter Stretch Technique’s website. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, bring clean socks to wear during the techniques, note-taking materials, water, and snacks as needed. A lunch break will be taken at an appropriate time, depending on the flow of the class.

In case you have any questions please contact us at
To speak to Joyce, please email or phone (832)453 1551

Course Hours – 16 hrs.