Rossiter Stretching Level 2 – More Power, More Techniques

Learn new tools to make your Level 1 work even more powerful! This class has over 29 new Rossiter Stretching techniques. Level 2 has special emphasis on techniques that affect the core, as you learn how to work with people who have had back surgery and injections.

Fine-tune your confidence with greater precision, observation, and a deeper understanding of Rossiter Stretching. Get even better results with clients using the knowledge you will gain from this class.

Course Objectives:

1. Participants will review the structure and concepts of connective tissue, how to maximize fascial release with Rossiter Stretching techniques, and contraindications for Rossiter Stretching techniques.

2. Participants will learn and practice: 33 new more powerful and specific Rossiter Stretching techniques using their feet in a safe, consistent, recordable manner.

3. Participants will practice good body mechanics and appropriate use of tools (stands and poles) for safe application of Rossiter
4. Participants will learn how to find, and practice techniques by adding weight to the “Gold Spot”.

5. Participants will learn the “Applied Weight Lock” & practice techniques both with and with the applied weight lock.

6. Participants will learn how to use the foot as a “Hard and Powerful” or “Smooth and Easy” tool.

7. Participants will practice powerful stretches to work with clients who have a history of back surgery or injections in the back for back pain.

8. Participants learn to select a client specific stretching program to safely coach these clients for maximum relief of back pain in the shorter time frame.

9. Participants will learn to integrate techniques, tailored to each individual client.


Level 1
Course Hours: 16 hours
Manual: Included
Materials: All materials are provided for use during this training. Please bring your stands, if possible.
What’s NOT included in course fees: the minimal equipment you’ll need in your practice. The techniques learned in this class require an additional set of 2 small and 1 large stand. Stands are available for purchase in class.
What to bring: clean socks, a notebook and pen, water, and snacks.
What to wear: Wear loose comfortable clothing in layers if you run hot/cold

Covid Procedures: Covid risk survey and temperature reading required prior to class entry. Masks are required at all times. Social distancing observed during lecture periods. Practice stations for pairs appropriately distanced. Updated to the current regulations required by the local government at the time of class and location.

Location: Class will be held in North Seattle/Lynnwood Metro area. Specific location subject to change.

Your Rossiter Stretching Class Instructor is Valerie Lescantz LMT, Advanced Rossiter Stretching Coach and Instructor. Ms. Lescantz has studied Rossiter Stretching extensively – learning directly from Richard Rossiter, Creator of the Rossiter Stretching modality.

Looking into Future – Beyond Level 2:

Each Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 course brings new techniques, and is designed to get you progressively farther into the connective tissue work of Rossiter Stretching. These levels are designed to make you – the Coach – more effective, able to work at getting rid of pain more quickly. We aim to help you become an expert Rossiter Stretching Coach! You must successfully complete each previous Level before taking a subsequent class.

Level 3 Speed, Agility & Consistency – Intermediate Course for becoming a confident capable coach.

Level 4 More Specific – More Precise Advanced Course to fully exploit the underlying power and essence of Rossiter Stretching.

Classes are staggered throughout the year, providing two differently timed tracks to complete all Rossiter Stretching Levels 1 – 4 in 2022.