This 5 hour workshop will focus on the upper body essentials of the Level 1 curriculum. This course is 1 of 5 mini-courses on the path to completing Level 1 Rossiter Coach training. The curriculum covers level 1 concepts that address the arms, neck and shoulder.

It will not include the hand, knee or foot.

Once completed, this mini-course will allow you learn the tools for personal use. This mini-course is a great way to provide a sample of the power of Rossiter Stretching work without the investment in time and money for the Professional Level 1 (which is a 16 hour course) over one weekend.

Add these skills to your Personal toolbox: Mini-courses are great for practical knowledge for personal use.

Take all 5 mini-courses to add these skills to your Professional toolbox: Completing all 5 Level 1 mini-courses will allow students to test out for a Level 1 comprehension review ($$) and use the materials professionally, and may then be insurable using the Rossiter Stretching Coach with various fitness/massage insurance companies.

Any of the 1A or 1B mini-courses can be taken in any order, but it is advised that 1A (Upper Body) be taken prior to hand (1C); or 1B (Lower body) be taken prior to the Knee or Foot Mini-course, as they build on the foundations of those stretches.

Our Mini courses offers individual sections dealing with specific areas of the body. They are:
Upper Body Work: This section offers 12 techniques for upper body pain and mobility issues.
Back Work: This section offers 8 techniques for low back and hip pain.
Knee Work: This section offers 6 techniques for knee, calf and hamstring pain or tightness.
Foot Work: This section offers 5 techniques for foot, heel, ankle and toe pain and pain on the bottom of the foot
(plantar fasciitis).
Hand Work: This section offers 5 techniques for hand, palm, finger, and thumb pain. Always do an upper-body
workout first before doing Hand Work techniques.

You can get certified as a Level 1 Coach:
– If you successful complete all 5 mini courses and then take up a Level 1 regular course review. You will be
awarded CEU’s for all mini and regular course.
– If you undertake Level 1 Head to Toe regular course.