This training is only open to employees owners family of Europa Colour Salon and Spa, or affiliates of Aveda World Class Salon and Spa. Soon there will be a Rossiter Coach in every World Class SalonAveda location. Why Because Rossiter is the only proven system to safely, quickly, and effectively remove pain and restore mobility at its source, AND it can be practiced anywhere in the stylist chair, in the processing area, in the spa We have stylists enrolled for training as well as front line, massage, and esthie 39 s. Members of our leadership team have experienced first hand how well Rossiter works. People who learn Rossiter will not only increase their service revenue, but also can change their client 39 s story from life with pain or immobility, to life without it Rossiter will also help our stylists and spa people from the repetitive strain injuries that plague our industry. Headaches can be removed in under 5 minutes and hand arm issues plantar fasciitis respond quickly to the work. You will learn head to toe techniques in this training. CE 39 s available. Join us for this money making, life enhancing service, and leave with your body feeling better than it has in a long time. The Rossiter System is going to create more buzz in the industry since scissors