RST Teacher Trainer Name: Rob Waterlander, Senior Instructor

Live Course Location: TBA

Course Mode: Live (in-person)

Course Hours : 32 hours. Plus 8 hours of Review and Audit.


– RST Instructor Training Course is strictly by invitation only. If you have been invited, please go ahead and signup. Your participation will be confirmed via email post signup. Please write to in case have any questions.

– All State mandated Covid-19 guidelines will be implemented and proper teaching environment setup for everyone’s health and safety.

Course Overview:

RST Instructor Course has been totally upgraded & is a very intensive 5 day course, which will ensure you have thorough understanding of RST concepts and techniques. You will review all of Level 1 – Level 4 Techniques with special emphasis is on instruction, and how to manage all aspects of a workshop, helping students with correct delivery of techniques, how to pace the course, and how to succeed at being a RST Instructor. These reviews and instruction would be first 4 days of course with the 5th day being testing and Audit for you to graduate as RST Level 1 instructor. You will also be trained on the online tools, which enables our instructors to leverage teaching tools, publish their courses, promote themselves and manage their students etc.

Upon successful completion of first 4 days of this course, there will be a practical review (Level 1 Audit), and an written exam for you to take online. With successful completion of the practical review and the online exam along with RST Teacher Trainers recommendation you will earn your Advanced Certified RST Coach, and RST Level 1 Instructor status.

Post Certification, you will be required to co-teach your first two courses, along with one existing RST Instructor. This model will be detailed during the course and will help you get started. You will complete a minimum of 4 courses per year to maintain your certification. RST instructor certification gets renewed every 3 years. After first year you will have an opportunity to get audited for Level 2 and subsequently for Level 3 and then Level 4.


1. Minimum Level 1 – 4 Course completion over a period of last 12 months with at least one Level 1 Review.
2. Active RST Member status.
3. Understanding of all RST techniques names, techniques and able to demonstrate them.
4. Maintain a liability insurance policy that covers your activities as an instructor and must add Rossiter Stretching, LLC as an additional insured.

All materials including newly updated Level 1-4 User Manuals and Instructor material will be provided for use during this training.

Course fees do not include the instructor membership, purchase of wooden stands, mats, chairs, pads, or gripper.

Please write to in case have any questions.