Rossiter Stretching “Coach” Search Agreement

As a public service, Rossiter Stretching LLC (“RS”) provides a list of certified, actively practicing, coaches who have trained with RS. We are interested in helping people find Rossiter professionals who are familiar with the concepts and techniques of Rossiter Stretching. RS Certified Coaches have been trained in a formal course setting by our experienced Rossiter Instructors.

RS offers Level 1-4 categories of courses, with every coach starting with Level 1 which is our premier course—and graduates of that course have been exposed to a common knowledge base and understanding of Rossiter Stretching. Completing the course, however, is only one of many activities a coach will undertake before deciding how to practice and how to handle your workout. It is your responsibility to ask how RS programs—or other experiences—have affected the coach’s approach to client care.

Disclaimer: Because Myofascial Release is an approach to Pain Relief — and not a clinical therapy or treatment — coaches from many different disciplines take RS courses, purchase books, manuals and online access, and are members of RS with access to many Rossiter Toolbox resources. It is, therefore, very important for people to realize that selecting a coach from this database does not substitute for a thorough investigation of your chosen coach’s training, experience, scope of practice, participation (or not) in the reimbursement system, malpractice coverage, and other similar criteria. Coaches are solely responsible for entering and updating the information displayed in their profiles. RS is not responsible for any inaccurate, out-of-date, or missing information within individual coach profiles. RS does not investigate the education or credentials of the people who attend our courses or purchase our educational materials; we do not rate or rank coaches at this stage; and we are not able to advise you about any particular coach’s expertise or scope of practice other than listing their level of course training. RS reserves the right to remove a coach from the Find A Coach database for any reason.

I have read and understood this disclaimer, and I accept its stipulations. I do not and will not hold RS responsible for the background, education, licensure, scope of practice, or  expertise of any coach I may contact as a result of using this coach listing database. Should I experience an unsatisfactory outcome of care with anyone named in this database, I will not hold RS responsible for that outcome.