Bringing unique form of pain prevention and relief to everyone who can benefit.

The Rossiter Mission2019-03-25T09:03:13-08:00

The Rossiter System is dedicated to bringing this unique form of pain prevention and relief to everyone who can benefit. Individuals, bodyworkers, companies and their employees, health-care professionals, seniors, athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, municipalities, workers – anyone whose body hurts because of overuse, repetitive strain or injury.

At its core, The Rossiter System is a profoundly effective alternative to invasive procedures such as shots and surgery, without the dangers of pain medications. We invite you to explore its possibilities.

The Rossiter Philosophy2020-01-09T23:54:03-08:00

The Rossiter Philosophy is both simple and profound: If you’re in pain, you know more about your body than any professional. And the Rossiter Stretching’s approach to pain is the best way out of pain, because it addresses the causes of pain, not the symptoms. Your body needs more space to move freely, and these two-person techniques put space back into the body. Take charge of pain, and you can conquer it with a Rossiter partner.

The Rossiter Promise2020-01-09T23:52:28-08:00

If you follow the Rossiter Stretching guidelines, your pain will lessen. Over time, if you listen to your body and work hard to stretch it as extensively as it’s ever been stretched before, your pain will go away. We promise to honor the integrity of your body, and we put you in charge of every workout. Most of all, we promise our integrity. Promise.

We Deliver Results2019-03-25T09:07:20-08:00

Whether you’ve been in pain for a day or most of your life, we can show you a new way to live without it. If you’re open to our approach, we’re ready to help you live pain-free.

Why Do Rossiter Coaches Use Their Feet During A Workout?2016-02-16T18:03:48-08:00

The hands are more vulnerable than the feet, and they can wear out quickly. The foot is a strong, powerful, perfectly shaped “tool” that can add smooth, consistent weight to the PIC’s body without making the PIC feel a need to push back or resist. The warmth and weigh of the foot also helps loosen connective tissue more quickly, making it pliable for better results. Coaches always wear clean socks. You’ll be amazed at how effective and common sense this approach is.

Why Is Each Session Called A “Workout”?2016-02-16T18:06:57-08:00

These techniques are a workout, no mincing words about it. Each workout is hard work, and that’s part of why it’s so effective. As the PIC, you are responsible for the health and recovery of your own body, and the harder you work and stretch to get rid of your own pain, the better results you’ll experience. Think of this as a workout with amazing, immediate results.

When Should I Have A Workout?2016-02-16T18:20:32-08:00

The sooner you address symptoms, the quicker you’ll relieve them. Common symptoms include tightness, tingling, pain, stiffness, range of motion/mobility/movement restrictions, hot/cold sensations, numbness, loss of grip, shaking. The best strategy is to get a regular session preventatively, for some that is approximately once a month. If you are in the recovery phase it is best to get 2-3 sessions for a week or two to fully address the problem and get you back living your life symptom free! Think of Rossiter System Workouts as a maintenance plan for your body

How long before I feel results2016-02-16T18:22:27-08:00

Most people feel immediate relief that lasts days, weeks or even months. Some have deeper pain that’s been around for a while, and may need more sessions for the body to return to normal-so the pain may return quickly. The fact that you did get relief is an indicator that you are on the right track-it’s just a matter of more sessions-and likely different techniques to give more lasting relief. You should feel better after your first workout. If you return to the same activity that caused the pain in the first place, the pain might return rather quickly. Some people feel so good that they will do things their body is not accustomed to, over do it, and pain returns.

This Position Called “Locking”…What Is It And Why Is It Done That Way?2016-02-16T18:39:30-08:00

Connective tissue truly does connect the tip of the body with the toes. And “Locking” is a position that’s done with almost every technique to stretch the largest volume of connective tissue in the shortest amount of time. Each time the PIC locks, tissue is stretched and pulled through the legs, arms, torso, head and neck – all while a single stretch is performed at a specific spot or location. Locking makes sure that you get the most stretch in the least amount of time by involving the whole body.

What If I Don’t Feel Anything At The End Of A Workout?2016-02-16T18:40:24-08:00

If you’re taking over-the-counter/prescription drugs, even drinking a lot of coffee each day, it’s possible that the effects of those drugs might interfere with your sensations. It is possible that you weren’t doing the right techniques for your particular problem, you didn’t work hard enough stretching through your pain, didn’t take enough weight, or your tissue has been compromised by cortisone injections. Be honest with your Rossiter Practitioner to discuss possible reasons and reassess.

These Stretches Look Like They Might Hurt. Do They?2016-02-16T18:41:00-08:00

As Richard often says, “sometimes the best way OUT of pain is to go back through it!” If you already hurt, why not buckle down and work hard for 15 second spurts of time to get out of pain? Some people get up off the floor and say, “WOW…that was intense, but I can’t believe how much better it feels!” Most people aren’t bothered by the sensations during a workout. You might experience some bruises, but no one has ever been injured during a Rossiter workout, and you can stop at any time. Best of all ,  you are under complete control of the intensity of the session at all times.

Can I Use This Work If I’ve Had Surgery?2016-02-16T18:41:44-08:00

It depends. Generally speaking, if you are cleared for Physical Therapy, you are cleared to do Rossiter-and it can be very helpful for a more full recovery. Always inform your Rossiter Practitioner of any surgeries/shots/medications/conditions you have.

Can I Use This Work If I’ve Had A Cortisone Injection?2016-02-16T18:43:02-08:00

Tell your Rossiter Practitioner when/what body location you had the injection. Generally speaking, it is best to wait for 6 months after the injection. These workouts can help, but it may take more sessions to get results, and you might not get as good of results had the tissue not been compromised by the shots.

Is There Any Reason That I Shouldn’t Undergo A Workout?2016-02-16T18:43:38-08:00

Yes, especially if serious health problems are present. You shouldn’t do the Hole in the Shoulder stretch if you have a pacemaker. Likewise, workouts are not done on people with broken bones, recent surgeries, open sores or visible rashes, and some underlying health conditions. Your Rossiter Practitioner will ask basic health questions to make sure you’re a good candidate-and please inform them of any special health concerns you have. If you are cleared for PT, you cleared to do these techniques.

What Are The Origins Of This?2016-02-16T18:44:29-08:00

Richard Rossiter developed Rossiter System Workouts as part of his personal journey out of pain. A former Army and commercial helicopter pilot, he endured severe shoulder pain for years after being shot down in 1970 in Vietnam. A form of bodywork called Rolfing (a really deep, connective tissue massage) helped him recover the use of his shoulders, but when he became a Rolfer himself, the physical demands of kneading and pushing other peoples’ tissue compromised his shoulders again. He used his knowledge of connective tissue to create stretches that two people could do together on the floor; one gets out of pain, the other “coaches” the person through the process. The techniques were developed with the help of a neurologist.

What is Fascia2019-03-25T09:11:09-08:00

Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue fibers beneath the skin and throughout the body. It functions to attach, stabilize, enclose and separate every muscle, bone and organ in our body.

Fascia is flexible yet tensile – think plastic grocery bag. Without fascia we would be a pile of anatomical structures. Hydration is important as fascia is covered in water droplets. As it dries it loses the ability to slide between layers of tissue and we lose the ability to move smoothly.

Changes can be drastic although happen very slowly with fascia – other techniques will push the tissue to move at a pace that’s too quick and the tissue with recoil and fight back. Rossiter movements are slow and deliberate to let the tissue change on its own to create spacial change that lasts.

What Makes It Different?2016-01-27T03:44:31-08:00

The Rossiter System Workout approach is different for many reasons. First because it involves two people: A Rossiter Coach and you, the PIC (Person in Charge of your own body). Another difference is the use of the foot. The Rossiter Coach strategically places their foot on the appropriate body area, and the PIC does directed movements. Each technique is only about 15 seconds, and results are generally immediate. Quite simply, you and your Rossiter Coach stretch your body from the inside out to unwind tightness and remove pain or immobility that’s developed. One of the most important aspects of this work is being  Locked™. This dynamic positioning of the body results in the maximum body stretch in as many dimensions as possible.

What Are Rossiter Workouts?2016-01-30T14:44:54-08:00

Rossiter System Workouts are a collection of two-person stretching techniques that quickly and effectively prevent and relieve pain and immobility in the body, from head to toe.

When you say the Rossiter results are “quick,” how “quick” do you mean?2016-06-02T06:41:55-08:00

Can you say minutes? Seconds? It’s possible that players injured during a game or event could undergo a Rossiter Workout right on the sidelines/courtside and return to the game within minutes, especially for problems such as muscle cramps, charlie horses, low back pain, stiff shoulders, tight calf muscles, knee pain and foot problems. Fairly recent problems of pain or tightness can be resolved with a few techniques, and a full-body Rossiter Workout can be done in as little as 20-30 minutes.

What Can I Expect In A Session?2016-02-16T18:05:50-08:00

The person receiving the work, the PIC, lies fully clothed on a mat on the floor, while the Rossiter Coach uses their foot to strategically anchor the PIC’s tissue in place gently. The PIC then executes a series of slow, directed movements to stretch and pull their own tissue back to its normal, fluid state. Each technique is 10-15 seconds. Techniques are intense, but you are fully in charge of the intensity. Most people feel at least some relief instantly. If no results are felt, it’s a matter of finding the right technique for the specific issue you have. There are 350+ specific techniques for pain and mobility problems for almost anywhere in the body. The sessions are about results, not about a specific time. An expert Rossiter Coach can finish a session in as little as 5-20 minutes-provided you are already familiar with the work. Less is more with this.

What kind of issues can Rossiter resolve2016-02-16T18:06:25-08:00

Most any pain or mobility issue throughout the body-from most any cause. Headaches, including migraines and stress headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain-including frozen shoulders, arm pain, elbow pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand/finger pain, back pain (anywhere in the back), whiplash, hip pain, most any forms of tendonitis in any location, sciatica, bursitis, knee pain, shin splints, calf pain, tight hamstrings, ankle, toe, or foot pain-including plantar fasciitis. Remember: immobility left unaddressed will eventually lead to pain.

How Does It Work To Relieve And Prevent Pain?2016-02-16T18:03:17-08:00

Rossiter System Workouts target your body’s connective tissue–the head-to-toe network of ligaments, tendons and fascia that hold and connect everything together and gives you shape. Think of it as your body’s internal “space.” Connective tissue shortens and tightens inside the body due to misuse, overuse, non-use, injury and/or aging. Rossiter uses a series of quick, powerful stretches that loosen and elongate connective tissue, restoring it to its natural state, the way the body was originally designed. When everything inside your body has space to move again, all of the symptoms you feel when you’re in pain, and the tightness of limited mobility – ease up and disappear.

Rossiter Stretching® – A Workout.2019-03-25T09:08:34-08:00

Rossiter System is a two person stretching workout, a natural solution for creating space, regaining mobility and relieving pain – fast. The workout involves anchoring connective tissue in specific areas while you move through guided stretches. It breaks up adhesions while erasing the painful symptoms that tag along. Think huge pin and stretch.

What Makes The Rossiter Stretching Different2019-03-25T09:09:51-08:00

Rossiter stretches the body from the inside out – while other bodyworks work from the outside in. It’s a quick, effective and most importantly non-invasive way to get the results you want. The proprietary locking concept engages the other 90% of connective tissue that is not being focused on. This creates a tensile framework for the specific stretch to occur within. It makes the local work global and yields better results that last longer.

Developed through the concept of Rolfing – Rossiter utilizes weight (with the foot) for greater traction and active participation for maximum results.

What differentiates The Rossiter System from other modalities, however, is the speed with which results occur and the involvement of the client in the stretches. Unique to the Rossiter System are:

  • Active client participation and involvement. Based on the concept that two people working and moving together can increase the power, effectiveness, speed and amount of tissue that can be changed at any one time, The Rossiter System requires the client to move and stretch his/her own tissue with a Rossiter Coach’s help and guidance.
  • A system wide approach to pain relief and well-being. The Rossiter System encompasses a series of predictable, well-defined two-person techniques that are easy to teach and easy to learn. The Rossiter System loosens and lengthens the entire system of tissue that feeds into the pain, no matter where it arises or presents.
  • A focus on the cause of pain, not the symptoms of pain. Like many other complementary/alternative modalities – and unlike traditional medicine – The Rossiter System zeroes in on the causes of pain, stress, tightness and related symptoms that arise when connective tissue becomes short, tight, traumatized or constricted inside the body.
What you will experience2019-03-25T09:12:20-08:00

You and your Coach will stretch away your pain – and generally, the harder you work, the better you feel later! Your Coach pins the tissue where he aims to stretch, and then you lock and engage the rest of the body, move in deliberate ways and let the fascia stretch itself, in its own time.

The result:

a restoration of space and mobility while effectively removing pain.

Most clients feel immediate relief during their first workout itself. That said, the longer a pain has been present in the body, the longer it can take to get rid of as the body can only adjust to so much change at one time.

Rossiter can also be used as a maintenance or spot treatment technique for those who find themselves in a consistent state of tension.

What would Rossiter bring to my Pilates practice?2017-07-27T11:28:08-08:00

Pilates Instructors describe Rossiter as “the missing link” in achieving their client’s goals, by restoring mobility  and eliminating pain so efficiently.  Rossiter can be done most anywhere, anytime.

Do you give CEC’s for the Pilates Method Alliance?2019-06-27T23:55:48-08:00

Rossiter Stretching is eligible for Continuing Education Credits for many professions, please check with your governing board to be certain.

What is the benefit to me to learn the Rossiter Stretching as a bodyworker?2020-01-09T23:45:28-08:00

Rossiter is done by transferring weight from one foot to the other.  Using good body mechanics, Rossiter is not stressful to your body.  You get faster results with clients to achieve their stress relief, pain relief, and mobility restoration goals.  You don’t have to wash sheets.  Sessions are shorter, boosting your income potential.

What is the ROI for this training?2017-07-27T11:36:03-08:00

Rossiter is a perfect up-sell or stand alone for your clients, and can be done in a short period of time.  The ROI is potentially huge.

Do you give CE’s for Massage Therapists/other bodyworkers?2019-05-27T03:50:35-08:00
Yes!  We are certified education providers for:  CMA-Complementary Medical Association, and the FHT-Federation of Holistic Therapists, NCBTMB-National Certification Board forTherapeutic and Massage Bodyworkers.
What is the ROI for this training?2017-07-27T11:38:13-08:00

Rossiter is a perfect up-sell or stand alone for your clients, and can be done in a short period of time.  The ROI is potentially huge.

Why should an average person learn to do the Rossiter Stretching?2020-01-09T23:44:35-08:00

It is priceless to be able to give loved ones pain relief and mobility restoration.  Many people train with a friend or family member to give each other on-going relief.

I already have a stretching program. Why would I use The Rossiter Stretching?2020-01-09T23:46:49-08:00

The Rossiter Stretching is quicker, more effective and more powerful than most stretching programs that athletes have used over the years. A typical Rossiter Workout can be done in as little as 20-30 minutes, and many sudden aches and pains can be resolved in a matter of minutes. Better yet, two people stretch together in a Rossiter Workout for better, quicker results than solo stretches. For athletic trainers who are always looking for something “new” that saves time and gets results, The Rossiter Stretching is it!

Do I have to have prior experience to learn Rossiter?2017-07-27T11:39:39-08:00

We do request that people have a basic understanding of anatomy.  The VTCT-Vocational Training Clearinghouse Trust endorsement program requires an anatomy course prior to training in Rossiter.  Online anatomy courses are acceptable.

What can I do with my Rossiter Stretching skills?2020-01-09T23:43:56-08:00

Many people have created new businesses for themselves by learning Rossiter.  A skillful practitioner has freedom to be independent, can be very lucrative, and pain relief is in high demand everywhere.

Do I have to have a special license to practice Rossiter?2017-07-27T11:44:11-08:00

Usually no.  Rossiter is widely accepted to be exercise and movement therapy and falls under fitness.  Do check with local ordinances to be sure.  We do require professional practitioners maintain licensure through us to ensure their training is up to date, and we require them to carry liability insurance-which is an average of only $15 per month.

What is the ROI for this training?2017-07-27T11:31:26-08:00

Rossiter is a perfect up-sell or stand alone for your clients, and can be done in a short period of time.  The ROI is potentially huge.

Do you give CE’s for Massage Therapists/other bodyworkers?2017-07-27T11:33:46-08:00

Yes!  We have been a CE provider for the NCBTMB since 2000.  All Levels of training from beginner to Master’s Series give 16 CE’s.  We are also providers for the CMA-Complementary Medical Association, and the FHT-Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Can I do out calls with the Rossiter Stretching?2020-01-09T23:45:01-08:00
Outcalls are very simple with the need to transport only a small amount of gear.  Vendor’s booths are always the talk of the event, and are easy to set up for.  Rossiter can be done most anywhere, anytime.
What does Rossiter bring to the table for fitness professionals?2017-07-27T11:36:41-08:00

Some of the gripes as a new trainer are low pay and long hours. As a trained Rossiter coach you can increase your pay, set your own schedule and offer an advantage to your client.

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