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Course FAQ2017-08-04T14:05:36-08:00

Rossiter System Course FAQ

We Deliver Results2019-03-25T09:07:20-08:00

Whether you’ve been in pain for a day or most of your life, we can show you a new way to live without it. If you’re open to our approach, we’re ready to help you live pain-free.

The Rossiter Promise2020-01-09T23:52:28-08:00

If you follow the Rossiter Stretching guidelines, your pain will lessen. Over time, if you listen to your body and work hard to stretch it as extensively as it’s ever been stretched before, your pain will go away. We promise to honor the integrity of your body, and we put you in charge of every workout. Most of all, we promise our integrity. Promise.

The Rossiter Philosophy2020-01-09T23:54:03-08:00

The Rossiter Philosophy is both simple and profound: If you’re in pain, you know more about your body than any professional. And the Rossiter Stretching’s approach to pain is the best way out of pain, because it addresses the causes of pain, not the symptoms. Your body needs more space to move freely, and these two-person techniques put space back into the body. Take charge of pain, and you can conquer it with a Rossiter partner.

The Rossiter Mission2019-03-25T09:03:13-08:00

The Rossiter System is dedicated to bringing this unique form of pain prevention and relief to everyone who can benefit. Individuals, bodyworkers, companies and their employees, health-care professionals, seniors, athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, municipalities, workers – anyone whose body hurts because of overuse, repetitive strain or injury.

At its core, The Rossiter System is a profoundly effective alternative to invasive procedures such as shots and surgery, without the dangers of pain medications. We invite you to explore its possibilities.

What kind of issues can Rossiter resolve2016-02-16T18:06:25-08:00

Most any pain or mobility issue throughout the body-from most any cause. Headaches, including migraines and stress headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain-including frozen shoulders, arm pain, elbow pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand/finger pain, back pain (anywhere in the back), whiplash, hip pain, most any forms of tendonitis in any location, sciatica, bursitis, knee pain, shin splints, calf pain, tight hamstrings, ankle, toe, or foot pain-including plantar fasciitis. Remember: immobility left unaddressed will eventually lead to pain.

Why Do Rossiter Coaches Use Their Feet During A Workout?2016-02-16T18:03:48-08:00

The hands are more vulnerable than the feet, and they can wear out quickly. The foot is a strong, powerful, perfectly shaped “tool” that can add smooth, consistent weight to the PIC’s body without making the PIC feel a need to push back or resist. The warmth and weigh of the foot also helps loosen connective tissue more quickly, making it pliable for better results. Coaches always wear clean socks. You’ll be amazed at how effective and common sense this approach is.