Career Path

Rossiter Stretching Career Path is designed to help you identify the skills and abilities you need to progress becoming a certified coach to advanced levels and, maybe become a Rossiter Stretching Instructor one day. Enjoy a pain free career for life with the Rossiter Stretching for structural release and pain relief.

Ideal for all body workers, manual therapists, sports and exercise professionals, fitness trainers, Pilates/Yoga Instructors and anyone interested in helping others. The work you receive on your body during our courses is priceless.

Our first priority is safety for not only the client, but for the coach too. Rossiter Stretches are designed to completely protect the coach from any strain or injury by utilizing body mechanics throughout each session. Rossiter coaches are able to have full time practices without suffering common ailments that most bodyworkers eventually have.

The Rossiter Stretching is a series of powerful and effective workouts for addressing structural pain and restriction of movement at its source: the connective tissue system. These dynamic and cutting edge Rossiter Stretching workouts work on the body as a whole system, while completely protecting the client and coach from any strain or injury.

Rossiter System’s proprietary locking technique creates tension in your entire body as you do the directed stretching moves, giving you surprisingly effective and fast results. Whether you’ve been in pain for a day or most of your life, we can show you a new way to live without that pain. If you are open to our approach, we are ready to help you improve your quality of life.

Leave a Course feeling better than you have in a long time, learning skills to help feel others great, too. Let’s get on way to a highly rewarding and fruitful career!

If you have any specific goals in mind, please contact us at and we will work with you to help achieve your goals.

Review Rossiter Stretching Career Path details below, plan ahead and check our calendar for upcoming courses.