Upper Body Work Foundations

The Course is designed to introduce you to basic concepts of the Rossiter Stretching. Focus on one specific area of the body, giving you pain relief, improved mobility, and preventative help.

  • Prerequisite: None

  • Course Hours: 5
  • Continuing Education Credits: 5

Course Objectives

This 5 hour workshop will focus on the upper body essentials of the Level 1 curriculum.  This course is 1 of 5 mini-courses on the path to completing Level 1 Rossiter Coach training. The curriculum covers level 1 concepts that address the arms, neck and shoulder.

It will NOT include the hand, knee or foot.

Once completed, this mini-course will allow you learn the tools for personal use. This mini-course is a great way to provide a sample of the power of Rossiter Stretching work without the investment in time and money for the Professional Level 1 (which is a 16 hour course) over one weekend.

Add these skills to your Personal toolbox: Mini-courses are great for practical knowledge for personal use.

Take all 5 mini-courses to add these skills to your Professional toolbox:  Completing all 5 Level 1 mini-courses will allow students to test out for a Level 1 comprehension review ($$) and use the materials professionally and may then be insurable using the Rossiter Stretching Coach with various fitness/massage insurance companies.

Any of the 1A or 1B mini-courses can be taken in any order, but it is advised that 1A (Upper Body) be taken prior to hand (1C); or 1B (Lower body) be taken prior to the Knee or Foot Mini-course, as they build on the foundations of those stretches.

Mini courses offers individual sections dealing with specific areas of the body. They are:

Upper Body Work: This section offers 12 techniques for upper body pain and mobility issues.

Back Work: This section offers 8 techniques for low back and hip pain.

Knee Work: This section offers 6 techniques for knee, calf and hamstring pain or tightness.

Foot Work: This section offers 5 techniques for foot, heel, ankle and toe pain and pain on the bottom of the foot

(plantar fasciitis).

Hand Work: This section offers 5 techniques for hand, palm, finger, and thumb pain. Always do an upper-body

workout first before doing Hand Work techniques.

You can get certified as a Level 1 Coach:

– If you successful complete all 5 mini courses and then take up a Level 1 regular course review. You will be

awarded CEU’s for all mini and regular course.

– If you undertake Level 1 Head to Toe regular course.

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