Level 3 – Speed, Agility & Consistency Intermediate Course

RST Level 3 is the third in the series of four Levels that will teach you the Intermediate level of the Rossiter Stretching techniques for Speed, Agility and Consistency.

  • Prerequisite: Level 2 – More Power – More Techniques Foundation Course
  • Course Hours: 16

  • Continuing Education Credits: 16

Course Objectives

By the end of this Level 3 course, you should be able to:

Review the structure and concepts of connective tissue and how to maximize fascial release with Rossiter Stretches utilizing the Gold Spot and a new concept involving increasing power in the stretches by learning to use the opposite side foot (OSF) where appropriate.

Practice new more powerful and specific Rossiter Stretches using your feet to more efficiently help clients get out of pain in a safe, consistent, recordable manner, while practicing better body mechanics.
Guide your clients through more progressive freestyle movement during the techniques
Learn how to use tools (stands and poles) for safe application of the Rossiter Stretches.
Demonstrate safely using more stands to maintain proper participant body mechanics while quickly directing clients for correct body alignment in new side-lying stretches
Review contraindications relative to the stretches introduced in level 3, especially with discussion of tissue response to cortisone injections and implications for a session of Rossiter Stretches.
Enhance an effective client-specific program based on observation, open-ended questions and client medical history and fitness level.
Participants will develop a coaching pattern for each stretch to help clients through each technique.

Each Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 course brings something new, and is designed to get you farther into the connective tissue work. You must successfully complete Level 1, 2 & 3 for you to take up Level 4 Advanced Course.

Next Level 4 More Specific – More Precise Advanced Course, you’ll learn to burrow down to the essence of the work and get it done safely, quickly, and efficiently.

All materials are provided for use during this Course.

Course fees do not include the purchase of wooden stands, mats, chairs, pads, or gripper. In case you have any questions, please contact us at helpline@rossiter.com

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