Kathleen Howard

Kathleen Howard

Advanced Coach & Instructor
Rossiter Id : 206192
+1 336-708-1727
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

About Kathleen

In 1998, I became a Nationally Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapist. Over the past 20+ years, my continuing education classes have been many and varied. Many different modalities have interested me, so I’ve tapped into numerous ones and have delved into a few. In 2006 I began studying The Rossiter System. I knew immediately that I could truly help people get rid of their pain – fast! I expanded my massage & bodywork practice further when I became the first person in North Carolina to be a certified Coach at the advanced level of The Rossiter System in 2006. These Rossiter workouts were extremely effective in ‘fixing’ my neck and back pain that I became passionate about The Rossiter System. In 2007 I became one of the first 12 Certified Rossiter Instructors in the US. I achieved that recognition after completing the requirements of teacher training with Richard Rossiter, founder and creator. In January 2010, Richard Rossiter announced I would become the first Senior Rossiter Instructor which allowed me to teach advanced Unit II and certify Rossiter coaches. I have assisted Richard Rossiter in over 10 three-day workshops. In 2011, I took The Rossiter System to Ahmedabad, India where I trained and certified five Indian physiotherapists. While there, we demonstrated these powerfully effective pain-relieving stretching techniques to hundreds of people. What a wonderful experience to introduce this unique approach to pain relief to the Asian continent for the first time. Many doctors thanked me for bringing this modality of natural pain relief to their society. I returned to India in 2013 and held a free pain clinic with the doctors I had taught. We helped over 1300 patients in 1 week. I have also taught Rossiter Stretching Levels 1 and 2 in Australia and Bali. In the US, I have taught in Rhode Island, Utah, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina and several other states. I have been very physically active all my life and have always had strong interest in health and wellness, fitness, and nutrition. I began studying yoga and Martial Arts over 45 years ago. I participated in physical exercise regimens at health clubs or on my own most of those years. Although I haven’t continuously practiced these disciplines, my long-time exposure to them has given me much body awareness and appreciation for the amazing human body. I continue to stay active and today you will still find me working out with my personal trainer, walking with Monterey & Jack, and/or training for the next 5K.

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October 2023

28 OCT
Level 1 – Head to Toe Foundations Course

Oct 28 2023 , Oct 29 2023 2023|10 |Orlando, Florida,

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