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Mocha-Mystique Butkovich

Mocha-Mystique Butkovich

Advanced Coach & Instructor
Rossiter Id : 21617
+1 720-217-7992
Lubbock, Texas, United States

About Mocha-Mystique

Some forms of chronic pain resist even the most sophisticated massage techniques. In my search to add another edge for my clients I discovered The Rossiter System of Workouts. If you have chronic pain and have “Been there. Done that.” with little or no relief, The Rossiter System succeeds where others fail. I have had great success with this two party stretching for pain relief. My Rossiter practice began in 2011 as a coach turned instructor. I am fortunate enough to have continued my education in the Rossiter System to become what is know as a "PainSlayer". Only 5 People have achieved this certification worldwide. The Rossiter System has changed my career path. I have a "tool" to change peoples lives.. no shots, no splits and no surgery.... Powerful! ************************* If you would like to Host a class for any Levels 1-4 I can come to you! Lets Connect and get things set up!!**********

Upcoming Courses

November 2021

05 NOV
Level 1 – Head to Toe Foundations Course

Nov 05 2021 , Nov 06 2021 2021|11 |Richardson, Texas,

Host Name: Mocha-Mystique Butkovich | +1 720-217-7992 |

December 2021

04 DEC
Level 1 – Head to Toe Foundations Course

Dec 04 2021 , Dec 05 2021 2021|12 |Herriman, Utah,

Host Name: Mocha-Mystique Butkovich | +1 720-217-7992 |

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