Chuck Lubeck

Chuck Lubeck

Advanced Coach & Instructor
Rossiter Id : 21568
+1 (706) 733-4344
Augusta/Martinez, Georgia, United States

About Chuck

Chuck Lubeck, a Senior Rossiter Instructor and Rossiter Master Practitioner has accrued tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience in multiple modalities that address chronic pain, repetitive motion and sports related injuries. With twenty plus years in the field of massage/bodywork and more than a decade of holding a position as a massage therapy school instructor he still considers himself a student. Chuck's unquenchable desire to expand his education led him to investigate the Rossiter System. The undeniable increase in mobility and immense pain relief of just one Rossiter session sent him onto his next goal, getting certified as a Rossiter Practitioner and Instructor. Now, it is his ambition to bring Rossiter to as many people as possible and his mission is to incite;A Rossiter Revolution! In two days, a Rossiter workshop will teach you full body protocols with ONE technique and one methodology (weight+lock+movement) that works anywhere the technique is applied...Extremely user-friendly on the practitioner and highly effective for anyone receiving the work...User friendly protocols that produce results through movement the day you bring it into your practice. I hope to work with you in 2021. Chuck Lubeck

Upcoming Courses

July 2022

09 JUL
Level 1 – Head to Toe Foundations Course

Jul 09 2022 , Jul 10 2022 2022|07 |Martinez, Georgia,

Host Name: Chuck Lubeck | +1 (706) 733-4344 |

22 JUL
Level 3 – Speed, Agility & Consistency Intermediate Course

Jul 22 2022 , Jul 23 2022 2022|07 |Martinez, Georgia,

Host Name: Chuck Lubeck | +1 (706) 733-4344 |

24 JUL
Level 4 – More Specific – More Precise Advanced Course

Jul 24 2022 , Jul 25 2022 2022|07 |Martinez, Georgia,

Host Name: Chuck Lubeck | +1 (706) 733-4344 |

30 JUL
Level 2 – More Power – More Techniques Foundations Course

Jul 30 2022 , Jul 31 2022 2022|07 |Martinez, Georgia,

Host Name: Chuck Lubeck | +1 (706) 733-4344 |

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