Ellie Calhoun

Ellie Calhoun

Advanced Coach & Instructor
Rossiter Id : 210105
+1 508-397-4184
Natick, Massachusetts, United States

About Ellie

When I have a client come to work with me for help with pain, Rossiter Stretching Technique (RST) is the first thing I consider to help them. Why? Because it works! it’s fast, it’s effective and it’s safe. And if I can help someone get out of pain quickly, that’s powerful!  I strongly believe that if people could get out of pain and move better, the world would be a kinder, better place. I’m committed to bringing more awareness of RST to the northeastern states of the US and I'm excited to teach Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors and others to help with the mission of getting people out of pain.   Not only is RST a technique that has powerful results for the client, it's also one of the kindest to my body as a bodyworker, saving me from the injuries manual work often can bring to a massage therapist. Rossiter Stretching helps me to help my clients better, allows me to vary the work I do in any given day, see more clients without hurting myself, prolong the life of my career and it's how I care for myself to reduce tightness and pain in my body. And I never get tired of the wide-eyed amazement, or the tears of relief, of a client who suddenly feels a major positive change in their body after one session.    Ellie Calhoun first learned Rossiter in 2010 and after practicing for 5 years went on to learn advanced technique including Respiratory Rossiter directly from Richard Rossiter. Ellie lives and works in Natick, MA., and in addition to being an Advanced Rossiter Coach and Instructor, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Core Movement Integration® Practitioner and Neurokinetic Therapy® Practitioner who continually studies anatomy, movement and breathing. She educates people about their bodies and best core movement and breathing practices, so they are empowered to move more, moving better with ease and joy every day. Pain Relief with Rossiter Stretching is a big contributor to moving well.

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