The Rossiter System justifiably takes pride in consistently meeting and frequently exceeding the standards and expectations of our clients.

Here’s what our clients are saying….

“Two whole afternoons each week, I do nothing but Rossiter workouts. A lot of people are asking for it, and some people just think I’m a miracle worker. What I like about it is that it’s quick. Instead of having to do a half-hour appointment, I can do three people an hour, 20-minute appointments each.”

Diana Racklin,, MT, Multidisciplinary Clinic

“Well, we’ve seen our lost time days go from over 300 in a year in that particular department down to less than 50.”

Tom Boyd, Electrical Engineer, Plant Manager

“…I was surprised to get relief and improved function after just one session with Rossiter, and with subsequent sessions have experienced dramatic improvement in pain levels, as well as significant reduction in need for medication and other medical care…”

John Hostetter, Wyoming Business Banking President, Wells Fargo

“…We’ve not sent but one person to the doctor for pain in their hand…when we were (previously) sending them maybe three to four a week.”

Jeannie Mitchell, Registured Nurse, Poultry Plant

“I don’t hurt any more. The heat’s not there, and I don’t lose feeling in my fingers any more. I can feel what I’m doing, and I’ve got strength back.”

Darla Forrest, Automotive Upholstery Seamstress

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