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FAQ – Atheletes/Sport Professionals

What is the ROI for this training?2017-07-27T11:31:26-08:00

Rossiter is a perfect up-sell or stand alone for your clients, and can be done in a short period of time.  The ROI is potentially huge.

Do you give CEC’s for the Pilates Method Alliance?2019-06-27T23:55:48-08:00

Rossiter Stretching is eligible for Continuing Education Credits for many professions, please check with your governing board to be certain.

What would Rossiter bring to my Pilates practice?2017-07-27T11:28:08-08:00

Pilates Instructors describe Rossiter as “the missing link” in achieving their client’s goals, by restoring mobility  and eliminating pain so efficiently.  Rossiter can be done most anywhere, anytime.

I already have a stretching program. Why would I use The Rossiter Stretching?2020-01-09T23:46:49-08:00

The Rossiter Stretching is quicker, more effective and more powerful than most stretching programs that athletes have used over the years. A typical Rossiter Workout can be done in as little as 20-30 minutes, and many sudden aches and pains can be resolved in a matter of minutes. Better yet, two people stretch together in a Rossiter Workout for better, quicker results than solo stretches. For athletic trainers who are always looking for something “new” that saves time and gets results, The Rossiter Stretching is it!