Rossiter Stretching is a physical workout led by a coach and is guided by the responses of the client. Rossiter Stretches are powered by The Rossiter System of workouts.

The Rossiter Stretching is not a treatment or a therapy of any type nor does not claim to treat anyone. We NEVER use the term “treat” or “treatment.” We are not medical practitioners in any sense, nor do we pretend to be.

The Rossiter Stretching is a service provided to people. It provides techniques for people to use on themselves with the assistance of another person. This is about people empowering themselves to get rid of their own pain. Everyone keeps their clothes on, and no one is the “therapist”. Instead, two people work together to help each other out of pain. One is the Coach, or helper. The other is the client, the Person in Charge of his/her own pain and the one who stretches. These are not “treatments” or “sessions” or “therapies.”

The Rossiter Stretching is to stretch, as intense fitness or exercise programs are to exercise;  both share similarities in that they are intense activities but differ in their effect. Unlike a intense fitness workout that can create pain, soreness, tightness and shortening of connective tissue, Rossiter Stretching has the opposite effect, loosening and lengthening large volumes of connective tissue that prevents, lessens and alleviates pain.

Rossiter Stretching is unique, because it can be learned and done by lay people with no medical training.

The Rossiter Stretching has the elements of massage therapy, Shiatsu massage, myofascial release, Rolfing (structural integration) and other forms of bodywork, but its primarily power stretching.

Rossiter Stretching is eligible for Continuing Education Credits for many professions in many states. Check with your state governing board to verify Continuing Education Credits and Licensing requirements.

The explanations given describing the mechanisms of how and why Rossiter Stretching achieves its results is based on the hypotheses and studies of Richard Rossiter (RR). The theories developed for Rossiter Stretching was formulated and derived through the principals of Rolfing (i.e. Structural Integration). While we agree that some of our hypotheses may be debatable and reasonably argued, the results achieved through Rossiter Stretching speak for themselves regardless of whether hypotheses are sound. We look to science and studies (provided through past Fascial Congresses/Robert Schleip) that supports all fascial therapies realizing that it is a subject open to constant debate and scientific scrutiny as it unfolds.   We understand that fascia cannot be stretched, released or unwound. These terms have been proven to be a modalities thoughts (hypothesis) of how their technique works without scientific proof to support and substantiate their claims. These claims are handed down as fact and repeated for substantiation of another particular modality and makes for good marketing. Even Dr. Rolf’s foundation of her work, “Thixotropy”, has been proven to be false. Dr. Rolf admitted and knew this. In a rare interview, Dr. Rolf openly discussed that thixotropy was her hypothesis that she believed to be false and was convinced that one day in the future, would be disproven and replaced with a more accurate model of her work, Structural Integration (i.e. Rolfing). She was right. Much less to do with fascia. Science points towards the nervous system via mechanoreceptors having its effect on fascia, posture, mobility and pain.

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