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What is RST?

RST (Rossiter Stretching Technique) is a series of powerful and effective two-person pin-and stretch release techniques for addressing structural pain and restriction of movement at its source, the body’s fascia, ligaments, tendons, collagen, elastin – collectively called connective tissue. Tight connective tissue is the source of stress, immobility, and pain in the body.

Rossiter Stretching quickly restores connective tissue to its natural, healthy state. Strategic anchoring of tissue with the Coach’s foot, while the client executes specific motions and simultaneously the entire body is in a “Locked” position. This creates a tensile framework body wide which delivers more extensive and longer lasting results. The client is fully in charge of the session, and results are generally instantaneous and profound. Pain relief, increased range of motion, improved circulation and nerve conduction are all end results of the RST workouts.

Richard Rossiter

Lower back pain, Hip pain, Shoulder pain are all quick and easy targets to get rid of pain in those and many other areas. The body-wide “locking” technique and Coach’s weight work together to loosen tight tissues with unprecedented speed, safety, and profound results.

If this sounds complicated, it isn’t!

Removing lower back pain, hip pain, in fact, all kinds of pain and is incredibly simple learn, and to do.


So, Why RST?

Rossiter Stretching, is dedicated to bringing this unique form of pain prevention and relief to everyone who can benefit. Individuals, body workers, companies and their employees, health-care professionals, seniors, athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, municipalities, workers – anyone whose body hurts because of overuse, repetitive strain or injury.

RST stretches the body from the inside out – while other bodyworks work from the outside in. It’s a quick, effective and most importantly non-invasive way to get the results you want. The proprietary locking concept engages the other 90% of connective tissue that is not being focused on. This creates a tensile framework for the specific stretch to occur within. It makes the local work global and yields better results that last longer.

Developed through the concept of Rolfing – Rossiter Stretches utilizes weight (with the foot) for greater traction and active participation for maximum results.

The RST Difference

What differentiates RST from other modalities, however, is the speed with which results occur and the involvement of the client in the stretches. Unique to the RST are:

  • Active client participation and involvement. Based on the concept that two people working and moving together can increase the power, effectiveness, speed and amount of tissue that can be changed at any one time. RST requires the client to move and stretch his/her own tissue with a Rossiter Stretching Coach’s help and guidance.
  • A system wide approach to pain relief and well-being. RST encompasses a series of predictable, well-defined two-person techniques that are easy to teach and easy to learn. RST loosens and lengthens the entire system of tissue that feeds into the pain, no matter where it arises or presents.
  • A focus on the cause of pain, not the symptoms of pain. Like many other complementary/alternative therapists – and unlike traditional medicine – RST zeroes in on the causes of pain, stress, tightness and related symptoms that arise when connective tissue becomes short, tight, traumatized or constricted inside the body.
RST Overview

Thousands of body workers, fitness and health professionals have been trained in this modality over the last 30 years.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals have benefited from the results. You could be next!

Our Legacy & History

Richard H. Rossiter, founder of Rossiter System is a certified advanced Rolfer, and an author of three books on stretching techniques to overcome pain. Richard Rossiter has been a connective tissue specialist since 1983 and founded the The Rossiter System in 1990.

As a teen, he suffered a severe right shoulder injury and dislocation while playing hockey in northern Minnesota. As a U.S. Army helicopter pilot, his left shoulder was injured and dislocated when he was shot down in Vietnam. After a long search for non-drug, non-surgery approaches to pain he underwent several Rolfing sessions to loosen and lengthen the body’s connective tissue and his pain began to lessen. Richard adapted his knowledge of connective tissue to create a series of more than 200 two-person Rossiter Stretching Techniques, initially used in U.S. factories to prevent/relieve repetitive strain injuries and associated costs.

Richard Rossiter, Founder of Rossiter Stretching Techniques

For more than 20 years, his worked as a small business and factory consultant who trained factory workers in-house to participate in two-person stretching workouts with each other – to prevent injuries, alleviate pain as it developed and keep medical costs low for the company/factory.

RST is the outgrowth of his personal journey into and out of pain.

Our Mission

“To bring a unique form of pain prevention and relief to everyone who can benefit”

At its core, RST™ is a profoundly effective alternative to drugs, injections and surgery for pain. We invite you to explore the possibilities.

Our Promise

“We promise to honor the integrity of your body, and we put you in charge of every workout.”

Whether you’ve been in pain for a day or most of your life, we can show you a new way to live without it.  Immediately or over time, your symptoms will dramatically lessen or completely go away.

Our Philosophy

“Bodies need adequate space to move freely. RST helps our clients to re-establish this ‘space’ back into their bodies”

Our Philosophy is both simple and profound: If you’re in pain, you know more about your body than any professional. Take charge of pain, and you can conquer it with a RST coach.

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