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The Rossiter Stretching is a unique, effective, safe two-person stretching modality that not only quickly alleviates pain but can prevent its occurrence! Rossiter Stretching increases mobility, reducing incidents of injury and pain from repetitive movements. Rossiter Stretches will give you control of your pain, teach you how to work it out of your body, and help you keep it out for good. How? They stretch out the connective tissue that is causing you to hurt right now.

Rossiter Stretches evolved over years of working with people in severe pain, and now they’re being used worldwide by thousands of people with great success. These stretches are a series of powerful and effective techniques. They are practical, simple, and easy to learn. With every session you will experience noticeable ease of movement. Learn More


A Rossiter Stretching helps remodel the body’s connective tissue and create natural space where it belongs, provide better mobility, freer movement & most of all Pain Relief. Rossiter Stretching offers more than 200 two-person Stretching techniques for specific pain problems from head to toe.

Neck / Shoulder Pain
Low Back Pain
Wrist / Hand / Finger / Thumb Pain
Knee Pain
Toe / Foot Pain

Migraine / Stress Headaches
Plantar Fasciitis
Arm Pain
Hip Pain
Ankle Pain
Elbow Pain

Rossiter Stretches allow you – empower you – to be in charge of your pain. Loosening and elongating Connective Tissue through two-person stretching can relieve common pain symptoms and can be used preventively to keep symptoms at bay.

Rossiter Stretching is for Everyone

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Rossiter Stretching

Athletes / Sport


Fitness Trainers

Yoga / Pilates



Let’s Hear What People Have To Say…

Since October 2018, I have been having lower back pain, which went down both legs. Andi Lynch offered to give me Rossiter treatment and it made an amazing difference even after the first one! A further two sessions and I am almost free from pain. I firmly recommend this treatment.

Bernadette Falkener

“What a wonderful experience! I’ve had chronic pain for the past 10 years. I’ve been through dozens of massage therapists. Lately my hands have been going numb and it was driving me crazy! A friend referred me to Mocha and I’m so glad she did!
It was an experience like no other! Mocha is so knowledgeable and paid attention to my body. She was able to pinpoint some issues and fix quite a few of them. They numbness and pain in my arms is GONE! Thank you Mocha”

Candace Pfeifer

“…I was surprised to get relief and improved function after just one session with Rossiter, and with subsequent sessions have experienced dramatic improvement in pain levels, as well as significant reduction in need for medication and other medical care…”

John Hostetter, Wyoming Business Banking President, Wells Fargo

“Well, we’ve seen our lost time days go from over 300 in a year in that particular department down to less than 50.”

Tom Boyd, , Electrical Engineer, Plant Manager

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