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Rossiter Stretching Technique (RST) is a unique, effective, safe two-person stretching program that not only quickly alleviates pain but can prevent its occurrence. Rossiter Stretching combines common connective tissue and soft-tissue modalities with the uniquely powerful addition of active client participation in the stretching techniques. RST helps increase mobility, reducing incidents of injury and pain from repetitive movements.

Enable your clients, friends & family reach their fitness and health goals much quicker, giving them the quality of life they want with better range of movement, increased flexibility and reduced or elimination of pain.

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Extend Your Career

Become a RST Coach. Work in a whole new way that completely saves your body and provides you with a career for life. Help your clients reach their full potential and mobility goals by quickly maximizing their body’s potential safely.

In just two days of Level 1 course, and a few weeks of practice, you can start building or enhancing your career with RST Certifications.

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Coach Spotlight

Catherine Cooper

Advanced Coach & Instructor

I’m on a mission to increase awareness of  Rossiter Stretching in the U.K. by training more Coaches and creating a community where they can thrive. 



Affordable Pain Relief

Remodel your body’s connective tissue to create natural space where it belongs, provide better mobility, freer movement & most of all Pain Relief.

Stay away from surgery, pain pills and loss of productivity. Allow your body to heal naturally.

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Turn Your Dream Career Into Reality.

RST for Everyone

Head To Toe Foundations

Level 1

Learn the basics of Rossiter Stretching Techniques, why and how it works, give/receive head-to-toe techniques. Learn when/when-not to do Rossiter, go home feeling great.

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More Power – More Techniques Foundations

Level 2

Buildings on Level 1, Level 2 teaches new Rossiter System techniques for head-to-toe pain relief, with special emphasis on abdomen and adductors.  Prerequisite: Level 1

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Speed, Agility & Consistency Intermediate

Level 3

New techniques and tools cover the upper body, lower body, hips, shoulders and combinations of techniques for optimum results. Learn tips and tricks to deliver faster, more efficient results. Prerequisite: Levels 1-2.

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More Specific – More Precise Advanced

Level 4

Continue building on previous Levels and knowledge, including new techniques for elbows, triceps, wrists, hips, calves, shins, feet, upper back and mid-back, neck and shoulders. Prerequisites: Levels 1-2-3.

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Introductory & Private Events.

Mini Courses/Events

Get introduced to the basic concepts of RST. Focus on one specific area of the body, giving you pain relief, improved mobility, and preventative help.

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Advanced Certifications

Instructor Course

All of our Instructors complete an Instructor Training program, which teaches instructional pedagogy as well as the practicalities of teaching RST course.

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Here’s what our coaches have to say

Kathy, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would have never believe it was possible to get Relief w/ one session. My achilles tendon has prevented me from participating in many activities for the past 20 years. I have been to GP’s, Orthopedic Specialists, Podiatrists,  & Physical Therapists & none of them was ever able to offer the slightest improvement. I had given up. In a moment of intense pain & desperation I remembered haring about you.

I’m so glad I did. Thank you.

RM for Kathy, Instructor & Coach

Since October 2018, I have been having lower back pain, which went down both legs. Andi Lynch offered to give me Rossiter treatment and it made an amazing difference even after the first one! A further two sessions and I am almost free from pain. I firmly recommend this treatment.

Bernadette Falkener

“…I was surprised to get relief and improved function after just one session with Rossiter, and with subsequent sessions have experienced dramatic improvement in pain levels, as well as significant reduction in need for medication and other medical care…”

John Hostetter, Wyoming Business Banking President, Wells Fargo

“Well, we’ve seen our lost time days go from over 300 in a year in that particular department down to less than 50.”

Tom Boyd,, Electrical Engineer, Plant Manager

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